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Wuxi Junteng Fanghu Casting Co., Ltd. Ausstellerprofil

Wuxi Junteng Fanghu Alloy Casting Co., Ltd is a professional designer and manufacturer of heat-resistant alloy products used in heat treatment applications and inductrial furnaces. We are a supplier to well-known groups such as IPSEN, AICHELIN, TENOVA-LOI, AFC, POWERMAX, BODYCOTE, AALBERTS, JTEKE, BOSCH, SKF etc. In addition, we can provide technical assistance to optimize fixturing schemes to help our customers get the best efficiency from their heat-treating operations. Our main products are centrifugal pipes, heat treatment equipment, and heat treatment wind leaf, radiation tube, high alloy steel pipe, heat resistance furnace roller, waste incineration installation and steel rolling etc. These products are widely used in heat treatment, metallurgy and steel rolling industry, etc.

Firma, Institut: Wuxi Junteng Fanghu Casting Co., Ltd.
Halle 4.1
Stand: E-039
Adresse: Section B Yangjian Industrial Park,Xishan district, Wuxi, Jiangsu, P.R.China
Telefonnummer: 0086-13816578055
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